Grammar: a, an, some, any (level: elementary)

This elementary worksheet explains the use of the indefinite article (a/an) when talking about singular countable nouns and the use of both some and any with plural countable nouns and uncountable ones. It includes many pictures and examples and activites and exercises to review it too.

We use “a” and “an” with singular countable nouns.

We use “a” if the noun begins with a consonantal sound.
E.G.: a book, a house, a university!!!, a tree,...

We use “an” if the noun begins with a vowel sound.
E.G.: an apple, an earring, an hour!!!, an interesting story...

We use “some” and “any” with plural countable nouns and uncountable nouns. Generally “some” is used in positive sentences and “any” is used in questions and negative sentences.

Plural countable nouns.
  • Affirmative: I've got some friends in Germany.
  • Interrogative: Have you got any friends in Sweden?
  • Negative: I haven't got any friends in Scotland.

Uncountable nouns.
  • Affirmative: There is some butter in the fridge.
  • Interrogative: Is there any butter in the fridge.
  • Negative: There isn't any butter in the fridge.

There is one exception to this rule:

We use “some” instead of “any”in questions when we request or offer something:
  • Request: Could I have some water, please?
  • Offer: Would you like some bread?

The printable worksheet contains the following activities:

1. Complete with a, an, some or any and the name of the thing.

2. Fill in the gaps with correct word (a/an/some/any).

I have ______________ money in my wallet.
Could I have ______________ Coke, please?
Could I have ______________ milk, please?
I always have ______________ orange in the morning.
There isn't ______________ sugar.
There is ______________ cheese in the fridge.
Have you got ______________ posters on your bedroom walls?
I have ______________ brother and ______________ sister.
I don't drink ______________ alcohol.
Are there ______________ children in the room?
She doesn't have ______________ brothers or sisters.

3. Complete the paragraph using a/an, some or any.

The Griffins are having a picnic. There are _____________ beers but there isn't _____________ water. There is _____________ apple but there aren't _____________ bananas. There is _____________ rice and they are eating _____________ sandwiches. There are _____________ eggs and _____________ bottle of wine on the blanket. Megan and Brian are eating _____________ chicken and Stewie has _____________ knife. There is _____________ fruit in the box.


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