Vocabulary: countries & nationalities (level: elementary)

This printable handout includes vocabulary about some countries and nationalities all over the world. There are also three activities with flags, famous people and monuments from different places.

The vocabulary covered is that of countries & nationalities

a) One syllable

France - French
Greece - Greek
The Netherlands - Dutch

b) Ending in -ish

(Great) Britain - British
Denmark - Danish
Ireland - Irish
Poland - Polish
Spain - Spanish
Sweden - Swedish
Turkey - Turkish

c) Ending in -an

Germany - German
Mexico - Mexican
Morocco - Moroccan
USA - American

d) Ending in -ian

Argentina - Argentinian
Australia - Australian
Brazil - Brazilian
Canada - Canadian
Egypt - Egyptian
Italy - Italian
Russia - Russian

e) Ending in – ese

China - Chinese
Japan - Japanese
Portugal - Portuguese
ESL Vocabulary: countries and nationalities - Learn English with Buleo


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